Habbo Images

You can find all types of images floating around Habbos here, feel free to use them on any of your website.

Seasons Images

Christmas, Habboween and some random Habbowood images which makes no sense why is it here.

Beta Images

All the images from beta client

Banksy Images Pack

An Images Pack with lots of Habbo Images

All Images

All images that can be found on Habbo

Habbo Top Stories Images

Top story images found on habbo homepage.

Small Habbos Images

Images of all different small Habbos

Habbos Images

Images of all different Habbos

Frank Images

Images of Frank found in Habbo

Donnie Images

Images of Donne found in Habbo

Celebrities Images

Images of Celebrities that visited Habbo

Callie Images

Images of Callie found in Habbo

Animals Images

Images of animals found in Habbo

Hotel View (Web views)

For website as banner, or any other purposes

Public Rooms

All screenshots of Public room from Habbo

Small Hotel Views

Small view for the Hotel View from Habbo

Large Hotel Views

Large view for the Hotel View from Habbo

Furniture (Small)

All small furnitures on Habbo

Furniture (Large)

All large furnitures on Habbo


Images of all types of info bus on all country

Habbo Icons

Icons that Habbo used around their website, and inside the hotel

Habbo Home Stickers

Stickers that can be found under your Habbo Home

Habbo Home Background

Background that can be found under your Habbo Home

Boxes Images

These are the best images to goes with your content

Habbo Badges

All badges found on Habbo will be in here

Background for Desktop

Get Habbo onto your desktop wallpaper with this!

Habbo Website Background

For use on website

Habbo Figures (278 Images)

Almost all Habbo figures that's made, released to public and are allowed to be used