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Welcome Home

Bringing out the emotions of fansites since March 8, 2006 by its original founders who are now we see as eLv and Phrase, working along side with akaix, jubic, Tropolone, Rune, Hell, Bunnings, Peaky! and Hulk?!. It was originally named Habbo-Emotion when it was first opened with the site hosted on Freewebs.com with the domain name of www.habbo-emotion.tk. During that era, we had a small group of dedicated staff helping out who have unfortunately been either inactive, or banned.

HabboEmotion was reissued on 6th October, 2008. The site was back up and upgraded to what we called Tier 2, with our very own site domain - yes, the one with the .com on it -, radio and also an integrated forum for members to interact with each other. HabboEmotion currently consists of only 1 department who manages all the resources you see on our site.

All ready and eager, finally ended our baby steps and leading on to a bright future, HabboEmotion is here for good to change the world, a step at a time.

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